The Substitute Princess’s Love

The Substitute Princess’s Love

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Steal the General for Half a Day, Tou De Jiang Jun Ban Ri Xian, 偷得將軍半日閒
Estado: Ongoing Red: Publicado en: Apr 26, 2024 - ? País: Tipo: Drama Capítulos: 24 Reparto: , , , , , Publicado el: Updated on:

Sinopsis The Substitute Princess’s Love

The God of War, Wen Ye, died in battle on the eve of his wedding, and a nationwide mourning was held. The bride-to-be was the legitimate daughter of the Shen family. But Mrs. Shen was reluctant to let her daughter become a widow and feared the criticism that would come with a broken engagement. Thus, she found her estranged illegitimate daughter, Shen Ke Yi, who had been living in seclusion, and forced her to take her daughter’s place in marriage.

Due to a mistaken war report, Wen Ye returned victorious, and Shen Ke Yi, who had married into the Wang family, became the true princess. However, she and the prince developed a complex and spirited relationship, and during their journey, they ignited the sparks of love. After facing numerous challenges, they eventually understood the true essence of love and protection. In the end, they chose to be together, not seeking wealth and prosperity but only desiring a few moments of leisure that belonged to the two of them alone.

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